Days of Silence: 05/21/13

A night of four hours (Max) of sleep. I laid down around two to be awoken at three twenty-two. Managing to go back to sleep I’m up again by six thirty. Heated some tea and while drinking it I hope my overnight kinks fall out a bit.

I’ll go for a walk afterwards followed by some light calisthenics. Upper body and core work most likely. I do miss not having access to weather information.

1824: Put in two walks today. I’ve started cutting the distance from one and a half miles out to an estimated eight tenths as this has me stopping at the last house heading east. I then come back and go past the house for an additional two tenths. I may be losing a mile on a walk but I have begun increasing my pace. It also helps being more motivated to put in more than one walk, not struggling to take those last steps back onto the porch.

I didn’t add more exercises as on the turn at the end of the road a struck up conversation found me with two tomato plants eager to be planted. I placed them in the original plot where the Russian Black Seaman didn’t come on the west side as one had come up on the east side. Naturally, weeding the area I planted them in led me to doing so to the rest of the whole plot; then the second plot. I moved on to hoeing plot five.

I decided to make progress on the chicken coop. I once again looked at placing the reworked crib into the original coop. After breaking boards lose and adjusting width on one side I was dissatisfied so abandoned that path. At this point I realized I had not stopped to as much to even take a drink of water since leaving at eight. Coming in I was amazed to find it was already twelve thirty. Sitting down in my rocker drinking my water thunder began rumbling to the south. It seemed my work day may be cut short so without finishing my water I once again went out to refine the crib coop.

Not having placed a floor to the coop I put chicken wire in place to aid in keeping it clean. A board to the front and back to keep the wire taught, then nailing it to each side to add further support and the floor was in place. I then cut some scrap two by fours and raised the coop a foot and a half. Yes, I reused nails where I could. It still is amazing how older nails can be pulled, tapped straight and reused where new ones are just as likely to bend on the first good strike. Makes you wonder about all new construction. Adding braces to the bottom of the legs front and sides found me at three thirty.

I placed the coop in the back of the truck to move in the backyard. It still needs to have the laying boxes, top, walk ramp added before I put the fencing in place. I hope to establish different runs where I can have the chickens in the yard, divert them into the garden occasionally.

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