An early morning outting.

   This morning I decided to change up my day off routine. Typically my morning would start off with a quick dash around farcebook then a few rounds of online gaming while perhaps doing a load of laundry. Thrilling isn’t it? Nope, today would be different!
   I did a few reposts (sorry that mobile app doesn’t allow shares to the community page yet) then jumped into the truck to grab breakfast. I neither sat and ate at the restaurant nor did I bring it back to the house, instead choosing to engage in a bit of people watching in a relaxed environment. There is a small park nearby so I pulled into a parking space facing the pond there.
   The pond has a paved path surrounding it and was being put to use by both walkers and runners this morning. You could see vehicles of all sorts wheeling in, their passengers donning their warm up gear preparing for the morning’s exertions. The majority of arrivals were women in running bras and shorts, shades on chatting with one another as though this were established routine. A young couple dashing to grab a fiberglass-hulled, wood-framed boat to put on the water.
   Most interesting in all of this was the events developing a few parking spaces away. A bald tattooed man who I would venture to guess to be in his late twenties stood holding a round shield and sword as if posing for a photo. He wore a scabbard upon his black clothing, right shirt sleeve opened at the shoulder to show one of his tattoos. A large earring glittered in the sun as it’s light shine through the swaying breeze dancing leaves of the trees lining the parking area. A conversation could be overheard between him and his similarly attired companion that gave way their intentions. Discussion ensued upon how fight scenes should not be comprised only mostly grappling. “Ah-ha”, I say to myself realizing role-playing was afoot.
   My breakfast being done I started my engine and began to depart. There was just one little thing that needed to be done before I left… ” Excuse me,” I called out to the gentleman preparing for their scene. “You might consider adding this to your arsenal, it matches with the theme quite well.”


“A little leather around the handle to hide the plastic makes this affordable tool a great addition.” I told them where it could be found and for how much to which they expressed their thanks and we parted ways.
   A little change can bring a lot to a day ey?

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Gardener Humor

I say don’t be hating…


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Start of a day’s work


The trunk of a 30ft tree cut down this morning with about 120 axe blows. No, not consecutive, I’m definitely not in my 20’s anymore! Chuckling to myself as I realize I would have barely broke a sweat back then I emphasize to myself “One step at a time”.

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Fitness – body, mind, spiritual

   Reflecting back on my life and the oh so many ways I have used to be in my best health and state of fitness I realize none of them had anything to with a gym. So what you say? There is a major difference between the personality of someone who steps up and chooses to grab hold to a shovel, axe, rake, hoe and places their will upon the world that surrounds them, making that connection with it; and those that step into a room dedicated to merely moving things with your body in isolated movements, turning your thoughts towards inanimate objects and specific muscle groups.
  So instead of stepping in, I intend on stepping out in order to return to a fitter state of being. Notice I didn’t say to lose weight, get buff, or find peace of mind. When we find things have gone off kilter in our lives the immediate reaction is to fix it NOW! Take that breathe, get over that smack of shock, realize it didn’t happen immediately and can’t be resolved that quickly either. Allowing ourselves to set realistic goals, making the journey enjoyable is the key to making positive, sustainable changes in our lives.
   A quote I read from the Dalai Lama this morning spoke of how fear, doubt, stress tears down the immune system while happiness and peace boost overall health. Facing life with humor and a smile from the heart then already gives you a headstart on a positive path. Learning to forgive others and ourselves allows the negativity of memories to lose oppressive weight and gives us the freedom to move forward.

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As the stomach churns.


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