Keeping food fresh without electric refrigeration

This article falls into drier climate food preservation. I think with the heat here in the southeast states if kept in the shade this could still work. Earthen clay pot refrigeration

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Early season blessings.

It is truly a glorious day here Swampfox country. Temperature is in the mid 70s, and breezy. The shorts have been broken out and letting the sun do it’s thing so I can generate some vitamin D! Forecast calls for much the same over the next few days so I see ground work coming on. I’m making a note to myself not to jump out into the sun too much in the beginning. Sun burn and heat stroke are not conditions to take lightly, as I have had both before. So everyone plan your outdoor activities accordingly, but remember to get out there and enjoy nature!

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Who knew about kudzu? The Chinese for one!

Harvard study showing 30-40% dosage of active kudzu reduces binge drinking. This is much greater than the average 1% active ingredient in supplements found over the counter or online.

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Greek marinated skewers


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Early warnings of possible heart attack.

A key point in survivalists mentality is to be aware of our health as we typically don’t rely on others to complete our tasks. Early Warning Signs of a heart attack should be learned in the event you are alone, and have no one near you to get or get you to help,you stand a chance of taking quick lifesaving action.

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Return to the season.

It was a wonderful couple of weeks here in Swampfox country with daytime temperatures reaching the upper 70°s and lows only in the mid 50°s for us. Forecasts put lows in the 30° range at night for the next week so winter has come back to remind us of the proper season. With the temperature change the front brought in rain as well, slowing any proper yard work. Wind and cold temperature will pull out the moisture though and wood cutting can be started again.


Until then attention turns toward interior household chores. The old cleanup return, sweep, mop, wash, rinse, dust, repeating as necessary *chuckles to self*. Water, vinegar, and bleach for that extra bitting power to make sure no surface harbors microbes. Many cleaners try to harp about destroying the flu virus but a decently strong water bleach and water will do that job just fine. The rupture of the viruses cell wall will occur and job done. The flu virus can linger 4-5 hours on surfaces so when you head somewhere plenty of people are remember to wipe down shopping cart & basket handles. Afterwards wash your hands for at least 10 seconds, before handling anything you intend on ingesting or before touching your face. Find a good hand sanitizer you are comfortable with to use when out and about. These simple things go a long way in avoiding the majority of bugs that can bring us down.

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Fetal exposure to PVC plastic chemical linked to obesity in offspring–fet011413.php?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter “Multiple generational effects without DNA mutations”

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The battle against the bulge.

Yesterday I listened to an interview with Dr. Lustig where I learned of not only exactly how littered our foods are with fructose, but exactly how the three primary sugars are combined as they are introduced by manufacturing companies. In his book Fat Chance he also discusses the misconception that a calorie is a calorie. I hope to sit down and read this book to delve deeper into the actual science of how our bodies process what we consume. The most favorable sound bite for me in the interview? “If you read the ingredients on it, its not food.”

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Start of a day’s work


The trunk of a 30ft tree cut down this morning with about 120 axe blows. No, not consecutive, I’m definitely not in my 20’s anymore! Chuckling to myself as I realize I would have barely broke a sweat back then I emphasize to myself “One step at a time”.

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Medicines before conglomerates


10 weeds you should eat and how to enjoy them can give you ideas of how we took care of ourselves before the notion it has to come from a lab.

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