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A life well lived.

True giving is expecting zero return for yourself while hoping to give a world of hope to others

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The big road

Sitting upon the porch this early in the morning while the grill sizzles the only other sounds remind me of country life as I’ve known it. The lone barking of a dog seeking to pierce the veil of darkness seeking to connect. Owls hooting into the deep reaching out to be acknowledged. I’ve never lived beyond the sound of a highway in the distance. Rubber meet in hardtop and engines breathing deep as they seek out guided destinations are but a thread in the tapestry of my nights.

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House, not home

  1. img_20160430_175622
  2. img_20161019_233839
  3. Truck, late night grilling, peppers filling the porch
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Generator Usage

In light of Matthew and it’s effects on our communities, I feel the need to share some information. I have been inundated by people calling and coming in looking for portable generators and ways to back feed into their panels every since Wednesday. There are many variables to consider mainly if you need 120 or 250 volts and just how much of the home you want to power.


If you are looking at powering all of your home you certainly should go with a home generator. This allows you to power all of your 120 & 240 items safely. It also utilizes an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

automatic-transfer-switch-service-entrance-20kw that breaks the connection between your electrical panel to prevent your generator from back feeding into the power lines saving the life of the lineman working to restore everyone’s electricity.


Portable generators are just that, one’s manufactured to power items plugged directly into them. This is often hampered by the distance required to place the generator in a location that keeps it out of the weather and the noise it produces, and the location of what is desired to be powered. Therefore you have to realize these generators can have PROPERLY sized extension cords between them and what they power. They are not by any means intended to power an entire home. Usage of these is meant to come with the understanding of such.

I’d be happy to provide further information if desired.

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  1. IMG_20160523_073518Anyone else get a great feeling when they see these?

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Taking care of business

Hello again my friends, thank you for taking the time out of your day to drop by. Life can find us scrambling to get it together no matter how well we plan ahead. If you should care to listen I will fill you in.

Other than serving as a troubleshooter by being directed to complete tasks others didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t do by management and being rewarded by comments alone; filling in for people in departments where no one else was available with lift equipment certification/experience; work life continues to be the same. After an interlude of being without transportation, that issue is currently resolved.

I have been giving a lot of thought on just what is needed to live a renewable sustainable lifestyle and realize there is no simple plan as we all have different family sizes and requirements. Expect several variants to be presented soon.

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The more things stay the same

  Hello everyone, It’s been quite some time since my last post so here is a little update. The job is going well as management has found out my ability to adapt to different departments is only eclipsed by my knack for customer service. With every day I try to ensure something new is learned about not only product placement, but also specifications. Currently in the Electrical department I feel at home learning how the items placed on the shelf for the public can have an effect on choices made in power consumption and how to cut back on the same.

   My dream is the same, to bring to the public knowledge of the options available to them to reduce their power consumption while enjoying the latest technologies. The notion that this can go hand in hand with an organic lifestyle may give a technorganic feel, but I do believe that nature and technology can exist in a copacetic relationship. As new items present themselves to me across our shelves, research in how they compare to other available items will be made and put forth to you so you can make your own decisions. For is it not the true teacher that presents all the facts without bias allowing the one learning to choose that which they wish to pursue?

   I look forward to future postings, as well as comments from each and everyone of you as to your comments, questions, and criticisms.

Here are a few images that have caught my eye recently:

From CleanTechnica, V3Solar Spin Cells

From ElectronicDesign, organic photocells

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The new race for solar power storage

“This is going to accelerate faster than solar,” he said. “In the next five years, I can’t imagine a solar system [being] installed without
storage.” says Tom Leyden, founder of Solar Grid Storage. You can read the article here at Green Tech Media. #solarpowerstorage

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Solar dehydrators

I’ve posted on designs for them before, but I’m always looking for different ones to have the chance at tweaking models. Take a look here for yet another design option.

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Days of Silence – 06/14/13


Its 0800 and I’ve been up since 0630. So far this morning I cut grass until gas was gone (half of front yard), and have watered everything.
I’m glad the predicted 70mph winds didn’t come through last night & that highs are forecast to be around 82 today. A very welcome break in the weather as the heat index had us in the triple digits the last few days.
I once heard a fellow say it seemed as though the places on earth that are the most beautiful experience the most severe weather patterns. This came to mind thinking about summer in the southeast. When the sun breaks through the pines and we have moderate temperatures with a light breeze and you are listening to nature exalt in it’s glory? These are a few things that remind you of what holds you into a simple country kind of life.
There are many modern technologies which can be incorporated into this lifestyle which allow us to place a smaller footprint upon this world than our ancestors ever could. The flip side of that coin is there are many lessons their legacy has bestowed upon us we would certainly be foolish to forget or ignore.

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