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Scented sugars.

Check out the link to find out how to make your own rose scented sugar at Mother Earth

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Hand tools that don’t require electricity.

Even though we may like the convenience of plugging in that old saw and drill, there may be times when you find yourself striking out, and just having to accomplish one task or another. This article goes over items that are mostly for woodworking, without mentioning screwdrivers, wrenches, ratchets, etc. but contains items that will allow one to build what they need in order to survive naturally. Check out the Preparedness Advice Blog‘s article to view the list.

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How to make your own cayanne salve

Very nice article over at Herb Mentor by Rosalee de la ForĂȘt about how to make salve with cayenne peppers. Drop in and check it out.

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Wood smoked meats – How to build your own smokehouse

I consider this article to be a good collection of various ways to smoking your own meats for that one of a kind of taste that so many have never enjoyed. You will find design options for permanent smokehouses as well as portable smokers. This Squidoo article will give you a good starting point in order to reach your own conclusions.

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DIY Solar Heating

DIY Solar Heating

Another great article by Mother Earth News wrapping up different methods to heat your abode with the power of the sun.

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40 years this family spent in isolation

40 years this family spent in isolation

Wonderful article, showing how difficult religious persecution can be, but how if the will is there the way will come.

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Enameled stove

1930s French enameled stove, smokeless fuel burning

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Harvesting rainwater for your garden/lawn

I came across the article at Mother Earth on a way to move away from absolute storage for rainwater collecting to utilizing a series of weep hoses laid into your soil. I’m thinking since one (1) inch of rainfall across a 30’x60′ roof delivers approximately 900 gallons, you must remember that is across the entirety of the roof, and most of us wouldn’t be collecting off but one side. Still, 450+ gallons is more than most would set up for retention. Perhaps a hybrid system where you still utilize rain barrels but set up 2 shut-off valve systems; one to allow for grey water usage in the home, the other during heavy rainfall times to divert as much of it deep into the soil for the garden? Just something to consider.

Rainwater Harvesting System Illustration


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A Short ride

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Gardening basket

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