Here, we’ll go over the important aspects of water. The collection, storage, distribution, separation for potable/grey usage, and purification all are equally important.


Lets go over some of the different methods for a water catchment system or rainwater harvesting system.

Rainwater Collection 002


55Gal Food Grade Barrels for Water Collection

Huge automated set-up for water collection and usage.

One key factor in moving forward to an off-grid water supply system which doesn’t utilize underground water is your area must have 24 inches of rainfall per year in order to supply your needs. Take a look at some of the great information found here on the brie-offman blog.

Cistern: These are excellent systems for long term storage of potable water. The proper planning will allow you to practically allow you to take this on as a DIY project. Check out Slow Sand Filter for a DIY Concrete Block Cistern project outline and their personal experience in doing it.

Purification: Purifying water for ingestion and cooking can be done with many different setups. Here I’ll provide several of those by giving links and images. Princeton University has published a paper on water purification here.


4 thoughts on “Water

  1. Hi There,
    Your DIY water collection sketchup model is really interesting. Do you know where i would find that online to download? The Sketchup model i mean.


    • No Alex I don’t, You should be able to right click and choose to download picture from this site. I don’t recall where I saw the original but it didn’t have a materials spec sheet included with it so that is why you can’t find one here.


  2. Here is a great article on developing an offgrid water system. http://www.backwoodshome.com/articles2/martin102.html


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