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Did I? I believe I did.

In a recent survey, the website Facebook asked the following question: “Please provide any additional feedback you have about the stories you see in your News Feed, or about the types of controls that you would like to have over what you see in your News Feed. (optional)”. My reply?

“Corporate Facebook’s decision to severely curtail the number of persons who have liked community pages to actually see posts made by them, in the company’s desire to garner income and raise market shares, has severely curtailed the feeling and core values of social networking by limiting the persons who have actually liked and followed said pages in the ability to view the posts made by self-same pages. The initial renaissance which Facebook presented was ripped savagely away much like the nurturing bandages of a third degree burn patient without the patients consent nor awareness. In making this decision centered on greed and the novel notion that facebook is the only trending means of social media, it has instead provided the launching pad upon other platforms (much appreciatively in fact) have begun to see a higher volume of traffic. Twitter and blogs such as WordPress to name only two. It is up to the powers which be to either realize this and make a change or to whither.”

I do not feel at all at unease by providing this response. Sadly I have all my posts there forwarded to my Twitter account instead of posting either here or directly to Twitter because I tend to find my best material from posters that still lean towards that format. I see the day of Facebook being seen as the platform in order to spread information to those of like minds being replaced by constantly streaming memes. Another sad failed example not learning from what the users desire much like MySpace.

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