Outside Structures:

Greenhouses – Ever consider building your own greenhouse? This article gives you the basics with some hindsight improvements at the end. DIY tends to be trial and error so consider what improvements you may make yourself to the design.

Recycled bottle Greenhouse

Recycled bottle Greenhouse

Patios/Porches – Relaxing functional environments.

Net-zero building:

There are many different types of structural designs which allow for the possibility of having a net zero effect on the environment where the intake of the home requires no outside sources, producing at minimum the demands of the home as needed, possibly in surplus for days where the system is incapable of by the moment supply demand. There are active and passive choices that can be used which we will go over that offer great advantages on lighting, heating and cooling expenses.

Home Structures:

Structural Design – How the home is placed on the property and how it is designed all play a part on the structure will recoup it’s initial costs over it’s lifetime. Higher initial costs sometimes will allow recovery while sometimes they can not do so within the product’s lifetime. Here is an article at Building Green discussing such issues.

You can find more information on choosing what type of home best suite your needs at Edible Planet, an informative site for DIY’rs. They have a huge selection of .pdf files for you to go over.

Cob homes – Cob is an extremely environmentally-friendly natural building material composed of sand, clay, and straw, and it has withstood the test of time and the elements over many past generations all over the world.

Take a look at this A-frame home designed to be off-grid.

Off-grid A-frame

Building Materials – Using renewable resources or recycled materials is a very green and planet friendly way to build. There are many different ways to go about constructing homes utilizing such methods and straw-bales home are a great example. Here you can find one groups experience in straw-bale building in Kansas.

Insulation– is a major part of building an energy efficient home. Do you know where most of the air leaks can be found in the majority of homes? Take the time on frosted mornings and walk around your home to find surfaces where the frost is not lingering. These areas are lacking in insulation and should be given attention. Remember that it is these same areas which leak during the summer months and cause your energy requirements to rise then as well.

Home heat loss areas.

Bedroom: A place to unwind and rest from the day’s pressures and endeavors, recharging for the next.

Define dreamy

Gorgeous bunk beds

Cabinets, Pantries

Food storage is a staple of any household, providing the necessary food to keep bodies going when fresh food stuffs are no longer available. How do you stock your food for long term storage? How do you design the proper storage set up to allow ease of access and to keep the food in the ideal, long-term conditions to ensure they will be of the best quality when you need them? These are all great questions which need to be addressed in preparing for a sustainable lifestyle.

Storage design

Lovely pantry design that makes me just marvel every time I see it. I hope to either come across the original blueprints of this, or design something similar one day.

Small yet elegant

Kitchens – You can design a smart, beautiful kitchen which is truly functional.

Wonderful white rustic kitchen

Kitchen 001

Natural wood grained rustic kitchen

223256_427467357312154_884307123_nRustic Home 001Rustic Home 002

Stoves – Stoves truly can be a stand out work of art as well as being the heart of a kitchen.

Stove 005Stove 003Stove 002Antique stoves


Glenwood M with sidecar

Glenwood M with sidecar

 Bathrooms – Any favorite designs for your bathroom?

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