Tools and Implements

In order to accomplish any job, there will be tools and implements required for construction, manufacturing, to properly perform repairs. Some can be purchased and others made, others modified from their original purpose to allow you to do something others had not originally contemplated.

Appliances are one of the most important tools inside the household. This doesn’t mean that they require so much power they must be hooked up to the grid in order to accomplish their purpose.

Preparation – 

Cooking – How to turn up the heat? Whether it’s in the kitchen or outdoors there are a large variety of means to get the sizzle to your vittles. The fuel source can be supplied by gas, wood, condensed fuel (gel), 12VDC or solar you can find a way to get your food ready for consumption without being plugged into the grid.

Gas – Fast to heat up, providing reliable cooking even if the grid goes down, this is a good method for preparing foods.

Wood – There is just something about cooking with wood. The aroma of the wood it’s self filling the area adds another aspect to the surroundings. From the old pot belly, Franklin cast iron built ones,  grilling/bar-b-que pit, rocket stove, there are ways to reduce the ecological footprint of utilizing wood.

Condensed fuel (gel) – This type of cooking is typically reserved for camping but can make the difference when grid power goes down due to natural disasters or system break downs.

12VDC – Yes, you can actually get a compact portable stove that runs off of 12VDC electricity. Schumacher, RoadPro, and Koolatron are manufactures that have available models.

Schumacher 12V DC portable oven

Solar – These models use the ability to capture the sun’s heat to cook foods. Some models are only able to cook while the sun is available while others can actually store this energy and allow it to be used at other times.

Solar cooker that can cook at night


There are refrigerators on the market which don’t even require electricity such as this Poor Man’s Fridge.


Isn’t this a practical work of art?


Washing – What do you do if you lose power and those clothes start piling up over there in the corner? You improvise by thinking of ways to get them washed! Check out Off Grid’s article on a DIY washing machine.

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