Water Collection

Nature’s gifts


29Apr13 Weather

Current regional radar. The soil had been powdery when I worked the last plot and I had gone through one of my collection barrels and halfway into another. This will be a boon

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Water. New photographs under Collection heading.

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Water collection


Here we have the beginnings of a rainwater collection system. Three food grade 55 gallon containers. This will in theory give a total of 165 gallon maximum capacity but realistically I put the number closer to 150 once fittings to allow for overflow are placed. They have been cleaned out with bleach and water by rolling them around so the inner walls were coated thoroughly and now stand drying in the sun. They came with strainers which float so by getting some stones larger than their holes and lining atop them there will be added filtration. The draw lines can have their fittings placed below the strainers.

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