Days of Silence: 05/24/13

The afternoon has become sunny and very breezy with temperature being 75° in the shade, it’s 1415 as I write this.
Yesterday evening had some excitement as the mockingbird family showed it’s worth once again. A snake about five foot long having a head easily two inches wide was heading towards the jasmine where their fledglings are nested and they were having none of it. I caught a male dive bombing out of the corner of my eye just off the front porch. When I saw it doing this repeatedly I stood up and went to investigate. Then I saw the snake not caring for the attention it was receiving. I turned, slipped on some shoes and headed to the shed and grabbed the hoe and ditch bank blade. The round trip distance can’t be more than a hundred feet but by the time I returned the snake was nowhere to be seen. I walked the front yard with weapons in hand for ten minutes to no avail. Considering it may have done a one eighty and had gone under my porch I began rhythmical pounding on the floor to see if it had done so if it came back out. In my experience treating homes for termites I learned snakes will reside under calm houses. If there are no vibrations traveling through the structure they prefer this. Such is why abandoned houses, ones occupied by the elderly are where you will mostly find this. Homes with children or where music with a lot of bass is often played sends vibrations through the substructure, disturbing them. Thirty minutes of this with my head on a swivel produced no results. I decided it must have headed for the canal across the street and dismissed it.
My morning weigh-in showed me @ 257 pounds. I hope to hit 250 by month’s end. I have days where I feel sapped of energy if I don’t get my walk in near the first hour of awakening, today is one of those days. I put my morning time in weeding plots four and five instead. The grasses are easily identifiable by their blades but there are weeds which require more attention. The thing about this being the first year in planting so many herbs and spices is being able to recognize at the earliest stage of emergence just what their leaves look like. Chives, cilantro, parsley, basil, oregano, thyme, sage  and even catnip are planted in places. It certainly feels like a learning curve so I am letting some things I can’t immediately identify grow a good bit before I pull them. The biggest help is knowing that if I see the same plant in multiple plots where I didn’t repeat seeding the same thing it can be removed.
I got in touch with a few contacts and may be able secure a four or five hundred gallon container for water and some buckets to hold produce. Both would certainly be welcomed boons in assisting with making the most out the work I’m putting into these gardens.

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