House, not home

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Should it be our thoughts and memories carry through with us, which better than to be surrounded by all the pets we lost along the way. The sheer unconditional affection just washing through us as we look around and see those faces and hear those voices.

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Operations Management

I was honestly surprised just how much material in this course was a rehash of knowledge gained by becoming Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified. Defining the positions scope and the difference of operational types were the only information not included.

I am proud to have made yet another step in my continuous learning journey with this accomplishment.

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What will be your legacy? That you chose to #livealifeofinspiration?

There are many adapting to the new normal, if you or anyone you knows is seeking employment, take the time to to go to IRA Bowman’s

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Agents of Change

Music is acoustical poetry unlocking our minds and spirit allowing us to shift away from the problems of the day.

My early teens were filled with moments I so desperately wanted to escape. Bitterly divorced of parents, being moved back and forth every 3 or 4 years as each were granted custody made it difficult to develop friendships.

Music and learning were my escape.

Getting home and doing chores then throwing on my headphones, learning algebra, the sciences distracted me from the happenings around me.

Flashforward to my stroke recovery in 2017. It took time for me to realize what was causing this particular feeling something was missing in who I was, music.

Grunge became a part of those who felt the angst when it came on to the scene and part of my varied musical lexicon. It was then I learned that while in the coma the world had lost both Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell.

This week we lost #KirstyBonner, #ChadwickBoseman. Great communicators make us grow beyond our comfort zones and realize we need not be constrained by others who are satisfied with the status quo.

The world changes by changing ourselves then presenting that to the world. Be an agent of change.

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Always move forward

Two weeks ago I accomplished Six Sigma Green Belt certification. I’ve taken this time to reflect upon what I’ve learned, attended a #repsevents Virtual job fair, looked over the job market and made many new connections on LinkedIn.

Tomorrow I will go forward once again and begin studies to achieve Lean Six Sigma black belt certification. My intentions afterward are to begin Microsoft Excel courses for certification.

#alwaysmoveforward #livetoinspire

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As the journey continues

It feels that with every attempt I make to place things into this blog an event occurs that redirects me away. Location and vocation have changed since my last post but I still maintain belief that the journey I am undertaking is meant to give me the experience in life to make a needed change.

I have chosen to stop going on instinct when it comes to suggesting improvements to others and become certified as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. The work put into this process gives a feeling of achievement and I am looking forward to utilizing this new skill set in my #knowledgetoolbox.

The world has seen drastic changes in the past year from the appearance of COVID-19 and the tragedy of violence man places upon man due to bigotry. Voices that were silent for far to long are being recognized but still by far to few. Live a life of inspiration for all your fellow souls for only by rising up all can you be risen yourself.

The job fair hosted by #repsevents brought talent from esteemed companies together for many of us to hear from. Networks were expanded, lines of communications opened, and the hope of making a difference rekindled.

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Live to inspire.

May 2017 I had a hemorrhagic stroke which solidified a purpose within me to not dwell on the shortcomings the experience placed upon me. I instead chose to move forward and share the knowledge my life experiences have given with others.

Fast forward to October 30th, 2019. While traversing a crosswalk a young man made a left turn and hit me fracturing my tibia and fibula, and cracking my knee cap. Five hours of surgery to repair the damage and months of recovery.

I maintain the frame of mind this young man needed some type of intervention in his life and I was the catalyst to promote a change. I bode him no ill will.

Remember that in life what we see as a tragic moment ours may actually be the smallest event possible to prevent a wider rippling calamity.

This event, while at the time for me, can’t be seen as good compared to the stroke didn’t cause as bad the damage. I could have suffered breaks to multiple areas or had been killed.

There remains more for me to do and people’s paths to cross to spark thier own inspirations.

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Evolution; most the times sadly it is not widespread. Perception is shifted once what is phrased as ‘enlightenment’ is realized. There is no such thing as Chaos Theory. Instead there is quantum juxtaposition.

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Why I

In the expanded push of being told we are participating in social media I am thankful for my ability to utilize my own Press. Writing here is different as I have no concerns regarding feedback. These points are more of a reflective nature. Later I hope to look back upon them to gauge where I am compared to where I’d been. Some of the events I now see as the strongest to effect my state of mind will have to be written out later. I’ll deal with the lies of others until those last moments. Until then I’ll let the truth of them lie in the darkness. As the light shines within me so to it shall to reveal the truths.

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Time’s changes

I feel the effects of time acutely these days. The loss in fluidity of thought and in motion, the retention of both taste and smell of the lovers I’ve had in the past which no longer remain. The memory of a spark in their eyes, the sound of their laughter have now faded away from me. It does no good to grasp after something long faded, better to strive and create new memories.

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