Days of Silence: 05/20/13

Well the phone is still off so no calls or texts for two weeks and no internet for just over a week. My prior experience in being in a state of communication blackout prepared me for not having such resources.

Today was the heaviest rainfall of the season and I had to grab the hoe and trenched several locations. I was also able to replenish my water reserve. It was after filling my tanks I began trenching and was astonished to find the rain had only soaked just over 1/4″ into the soil. The soil beneath this depth was literally powder dry.

I have added another garden spot. This one is 10’x10′ .


This is the only rowed plot I have done. Four rows of Rainbow Glass Gem corn, a row of brussel sprouts, a row of mixed bell peppers, and a row of mixed carrot varieties with a few Bolivian Rainbow pepper plants thrown in.

I have also come across several old tires that I am attempting to grow potatoes in. There are a couple of tree stumps in the backyard and I have placed two around one of them, which brought the top of them and the stump level. I then placed another on top of them and stuffed it with dried out grass (hopefully dead, acting as straw). I then added another tire, stuffing it with grass as well. I shoved grass down around the stump top as well and left a hollow. I placed a few shovelfuls of soil into the hollow and watered it to determine how well it would retain the soil. Seeing no loss I then added six potato cuttings then placed a layer of soil across them. I checked on this after today’s rains and have noticed no obvious loss of soil. My hopes are the decaying grass as well the stump will provide nutrients for the potatoes. Secondary will be the interesting results on the stump’s rate of decay.


I also came across materials to set up a chicken coop. There is what they were using as a coop which I feel will be deconstructed to add to what I want to end up with. The actual coop will built from a discarded baby crib. There are bars missing on one side which will serve as a doorway. The drop down section on the opposite side’s top will end up being an outside access door to the laying boxes. Raising the crib a foot or so, providing a ramp walkway, placing a wire enclosure for them to feed on and the basic necessities are taken care of. Enclosing the top of the “yard” is another aspect I am looking at exactly on how to proceed.

Many nights lately have been spent awakening more often than sleeping. Several of those nights I had attributed to naps


during the day yet I find myself awake now at one in the morning after thirty minutes of lying in bed. Saturday I sat back in my chair at three in the afternoon and later moved to the bed to get up Sunday morning at six. Yet Sunday night was basically one of peaceful rest.

This morning finds me listening to the BBC with the frogs and crickets providing background. There is a light fog with an occasional breeze.

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Profitable gardening

Ever wonder roughly what kind of profit could roughly be made from home gardening?

Vegetable USD Value/SF
Cilantro $ 21.20
Arugula-Roquette $ 20.92
Green Salad Mix $ 17.55
Chives $ 16.40
Dill $ 16.40
Lettuce $ 16.20
Tomato, Cherry, small & medium $ 15.57
Turnip $ 9.90
Tomato, large $ 9.50
Squash, Winter $ 8.40
Tomatillo $ 8.00
Cucumber $ 7.74
Basil $ 6.63
Radish, Red $ 6.22
Pumpkin $ 6.20
Chard, Swiss $ 6.14
Celery $ 6.00
Squash, Summer $ 5.96
Choi $ 5.70
Peas, Snow $ 4.50
Pepper, Jalapeno $ 4.50
Squash, Summer, Zucchini $ 4.17
Onion, Bunching $ 4.14
Pepper, Bell $ 3.60
Brussels Sprouts $ 3.59
Carrots $ 3.56
Rhubarb $ 3.25
Squash, Winter, Butternut $ 3.20
Kale $ 3.07
Grass, Lemon $ 3.00
Peas, English $ 3.00
Onion, Bulb $ 2.63
Radish, White $ 2.60
Bean, Bush $ 2.51
Peas, Edible Pod $ 2.50
Artichoke, Globe $ 2.40
Cabbage, Chinese Napa $ 2.24
Squash, Winter, Delicata $ 2.10
Spinach, Spring/Fall $ 1.80
Leeks $ 1.75
Potatoes $ 1.50
Parsnips $ 1.50
Garlic $ 1.37
Squash, Summer, Yellow $ 1.34
Parsley $ 1.31
Corn $ 1.25
Squash, Winter, Acorn $ 1.20
Squash, Winter, Hubbard $ 1.20
Eggplant $ 1.10
Greens, Mustard $ 1.10
Rutabaga $ 1.00
Beet $ 0.89
Cabbage, Savoy $ 0.80
Broccoli $ 0.80
Kohlrabi $ 0.75
Cauliflower $ 0.60
Broccoli, Chinese $ 0.60
Cabbage $ 0.50

Information from The Cheap Vegetable Gardener, and remember prices will vary by geographic areas and demand.

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Morning beauty


When I wake up and am trying to pierce the morning’s mind fog I’ve found that nature can provide wonderful stimulus.


A walk around the yard returns that sense of wonder and marvelment.


Take the time in your day to be reminded of the amazing thing we call life.

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Shade loving plants


Not all plants need full sun, and we all mostly have areas around the home which get a less sun as well. Here’s a sampling of plants that can make do with four hours of sun a day.

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Around the yard.


I’ve posted showing several of the blossoms around my yard before, but have a few new ones to throw in the mix. See if you recognize any of them.




Those three pictures are of same plant, with a volunteer growing in combination with it.




White Yarrow

Since they aren’t up yet, I’ve included a picture of what has been seeded in the area showing darker around the birdbath’s base. That is jasmine growing behind the bath.

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Companion planting graphic


The more you know about how to grow in tight spaces and make the plants happy and healthy its a win.

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Garden borders


There are alternate materials other than plastic which can be used to set up borders for garden plots or flower beds. Being an edible landscape believer myself flowers I put in first are looked at for medicinal uses and lastly as a draw for pollinaters. I went with glass bottles for borders on this small plot. Its four feet deep, seventeen and a half feet wide. Sixteen bottles covered the run on the depth (sides). I had the dirt worked four inches deep and most the bottles were easily pushed in and leveled by hand. For those which encountered more resistance I used a regular claw hammer and a small piece of scrap wood and drove them level.


I didn’t take a picture, but I used two posts (any old sticks will do) equidistant from the ends of the porch and drew a twine line to basically keep the front straight. After the bottles had been placed I came back with extra soil and put this outside and inside of the border. I then used my spade handle to pack the soil decently. I completed the project by watering the plot for the day, making sure to put a good amount around the border to help the new soil compact.


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Tending tenderly

There is something to be said about the sight of the seeds you carefully planted first breaking though the soil and into the daylight. Tending them daily and watching as they grow stronger, sending roots deeper while reaching towards the sky. Time, caring attention, these are some of the things that nurture and allow many things thrive.


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Who knew about kudzu? The Chinese for one!

Harvard study showing 30-40% dosage of active kudzu reduces binge drinking. This is much greater than the average 1% active ingredient in supplements found over the counter or online.

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Grow a Front Yard Vegetable Garden and Go To Jail. The Plight of Julie Bass Oak Park, MI

Very sad state of affairs out of Michigan

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