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Who knew about kudzu? The Chinese for one!

Harvard study showing 30-40% dosage of active kudzu reduces binge drinking. This is much greater than the average 1% active ingredient in supplements found over the counter or online.

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Crisp clear morning.

Good morning to all of you my friends. Waking finds outside temperature @ 23°F/-3°C. The sun is shining and as with all cold and clear times sounds travel long and far. The highway sounds are the ones reaching me as nature longs for the sun to cast its warmth before beginning to stir. Many of us aim our intentions toward particular destinations attempting to achieve great strides then to have stumbling blocks strewn along that path. To paraphrase;”I once thought myself smart and chose to change the world. Now I find myself wise and decided to change myself.” -Rumi

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Prepper resources

This site has a large selection of PDFs and dowloads on a variety of essentials. Check out Prepper Resources.

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Blooms under snow

Flowers across the property covered with snow this morning, along with some other snow capped flora.






2013 Snow 007

2013 Snow 008 2013 Snow 009

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The morning after.

Snow fell just enough to inspire awe. IMG378



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Winter Weather

It looks like Swamp Fox country is going to see a little snow. Forecasts are up to an inch with temperatures being in the 20’s the next two nights. I’ve backed the old pickup so the bed is from underneath the carport as if emergency arises there can be added weight across the drive axle. It seems I timed the fire just right as the temperature seems to be dropping quickly. I have only seen rain up to this point but preparing for it to change to ice/snow. If you must go out, be safe and be prepared.

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Friday night finds me…


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How do you prepare and recover from something like this? Russian meteorite: Moment meteorite exploded as doctors treat 500 people injured.

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Consider these…

Consider these...

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A day out.

Spent the day breaking down a pile of limbs into lengths that would fit into my chimera Image(fire-pit) and tried to stay away from electrical devices as much as possible. I managed to break down at least two-thirds of one pile, with quite a bit left to go. When dusk fell, I had been at it for 8 hours and my hands were sore from using the pruners. I moved on to burning some of the larger pieces of wood I had already cut down to size and stacked up under the shed. It would certainly be an easier way to handle it by burning it all at once out in the open, but I find this method much more relaxing as I need not be concerned with the fire getting out of hand. Plus I don’t have to deal with a scorched spot in the yard. A chorus of frogs singing for rain sent me off as I came inside to get ready for the night. Indeed, it was a good day out.

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