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2013 aspirations

First of all I would like to extend my gratitude to each and everyone of you who made the choice to drop by the ole Swamp Fox and decided that something here caught your eye, perhaps garnered a point of interest. I haven’t yet been at posting on my interests of how the need to maintain a connection to the stardust of our creation is paramount to continuation of ourselves. It was June 2012 when I chose to create Swamp Fox Green on facebook which to date has over 300 followers. To me that in itself is miraculous and humbling.
With that in mind this year will see belt tightening demanding more self sustainable projects to be noted upon and recorded, which in return will be presented here. As stated from the start, my goal is to present a ground up approach to self reliance, aka the poor man’s approach. Surely I could EASILY provide the ideal project specifications for anyone with the money wanting a “turnkey” system,  but where is the challenge in that?
Whether it’s active or passive solar utilization, hydro, wind, geo-thermal, mechanical power generation, edible landscaping, up/recycling, zero footprint new home construction or retrofitting; I look forward to bringing information on these subjects to everyone. Oh yes, mixed with my peculiar brand of humor and other areas of interest. So grab hold to what you want, the ride has only begun!

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As the stomach churns.


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Home design, how has it historically changed?


Home design changes since the 1600s is a very nice article on a subject dwelling “no pun intended(well overmuch)” on my mind. How construction changes reduced the lifespan, and floor planning has changed the social fabric of families. I am interested in reading some of the works in the bibliography for a better understanding.

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Teaching and learning

galileo“We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.” – Galileo Galilei

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Cold southern dawn


A common sight here in Swamp Fox country as we ease into January is frosted surfaces. Everything glistening as the sun begins it’s trek across the horizon, waiting to pull what meager heat may come and have the ice release frigid embrace. The rooster shuffling feathers declines to announce the days arrival in an attempt to hold that little bit more body heat. You can find cattle laying down, their hides sparkling along with the surrounding terrain. Stillness is the pervading sense which is typically on broken by the sounds of things passing through – the train on tracks over a mile away, the semi enroute over the encroaching four lane, jets high above to the point you strain to separate their beacons from amongst the stars. One can find serenity in solitude, but allowance must be given to allow this world to wash over and through us, else we fail to exist entirely.

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A Flick of the Switch

A Flick of the Switch

   There are many ways to describe the action itself. Some people call it “building the wall” for one. It is that feeling of separation we evoke within ourselves to create distance between ourselves and a source of emotional pain. Personally for many years, and reasons, it has the feeling of making a two handed grab onto a knife switch with a hundred million volts coursing through it – straining with every grain of heart, will, and spirit to break it lose from the line and shut off the rushing flow. The trembling others see is from this inner battle, gripping that handle means opening myself to the rawness, the pulsing and throbbing wound of passion, love, hate, and hurt as well. Flick is an understated descriptive, but if anyone wanted to be exposed to the cold and callous result of that switch having to be used? I’m just fine with them believing it was just that easy. My life is an endless hallway lined from floor to ceiling with switches of different sizes

Behind me there are switches still showing a light burning, while some flicker and others have gone dim and cold. Ahead of me stretches those which are representative of choices yet made as to allow how much of what part of me to flow. Turning those switches on can be just as hard as turning them off.

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Rhett Butler’s People by Donald McCaig

I am thoroughly enjoying this novel and have found many insightful quotes. Sometimes you must ignore the words some attempt to flutter by you and allow realism to concrete it’s self into your existance. The torment the Rhett suffers in this work is completely relateable. The misery of children loss, the heartache of the realization that the one you felt to be your destiny casually tossing you aside
… the name seems to caste a foreboding fate others are seemingly eager to ride.

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Wishing I could feel again

“In action a great heart is the chief qualification. In work, a great head.”

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A new night

This will be a night such has not been witnessed for many a moon.

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SCribbles. An awakening.

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