The more things stay the same

  Hello everyone, It’s been quite some time since my last post so here is a little update. The job is going well as management has found out my ability to adapt to different departments is only eclipsed by my knack for customer service. With every day I try to ensure something new is learned about not only product placement, but also specifications. Currently in the Electrical department I feel at home learning how the items placed on the shelf for the public can have an effect on choices made in power consumption and how to cut back on the same.

   My dream is the same, to bring to the public knowledge of the options available to them to reduce their power consumption while enjoying the latest technologies. The notion that this can go hand in hand with an organic lifestyle may give a technorganic feel, but I do believe that nature and technology can exist in a copacetic relationship. As new items present themselves to me across our shelves, research in how they compare to other available items will be made and put forth to you so you can make your own decisions. For is it not the true teacher that presents all the facts without bias allowing the one learning to choose that which they wish to pursue?

   I look forward to future postings, as well as comments from each and everyone of you as to your comments, questions, and criticisms.

Here are a few images that have caught my eye recently:

From CleanTechnica, V3Solar Spin Cells

From ElectronicDesign, organic photocells

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The new race for solar power storage

“This is going to accelerate faster than solar,” he said. “In the next five years, I can’t imagine a solar system [being] installed without
storage.” says Tom Leyden, founder of Solar Grid Storage. You can read the article here at Green Tech Media. #solarpowerstorage

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Solar dehydrators

I’ve posted on designs for them before, but I’m always looking for different ones to have the chance at tweaking models. Take a look here for yet another design option.

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Ad-hoc solar dehydrator

It’s crude, looks rude, but it is a pieced together testing prototype.


There will be revisions as I found out just how much heat this generates and drying effectiveness.


***UPDATE – 05/01/13***
With overcast to partly skies, temperature hovering near 70°F, the internal temperature has ranged from 100°-110°F+.

I consider this fairly decent as the backing of this prototype is only double layered 4mil plastic which I spray painted black. There are weeks to go yet before any real harvesting is done to make use of a dehydrator so that gives plenty of time for the heat to set the paint and all fumes to clear.

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Going solar: Your definitive guide to turning your home into a power station

A nice article on developing a solar power system in the U.K. Some may find it enlightening.

A Gathering For Kindred Souls looking to live off The Grid

Going solar: Your definitive guide to turning your home into a power station

Here is a guide to powering your home.

Read more here or click on photo:

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Lithium Batteries for Off Grid Systems

High capacity energy storage for the home with a lower power loss decay rate than conventional storage batteries? We know I’m all for that!

A Gathering For Kindred Souls looking to live off The Grid

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Clotheslines – radical today to many.


Remember this tool?

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Solar shingles

image Find out more over at Gizmodo

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Interesting DIY Solar water heater
Solar Water Heater 001

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Emergency Power – Common Sense Homesteading

Sensible article.

Emergency Power – Common Sense Homesteading.

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