Emerging Technologies

Prospective initiatives
Lets venture into the ideas which reveal where the future may take us.
Hybrid Nanotech changes both light and heat into electricity
Researchers Use Rust and Water to Store Solar Energy as Hydrogen

Not exactly power production technology, but this mouse sized scanner is innovative nonetheless.

With the miles of train tracks across the United States, the ability to produce electricity from the vibrations produced on the tracks by passing trains could allow for greater access in remote areas.

Can you imagine running a cell phone with a cola? This design utilizes the carbohydrates from the soda to produce power.

Isn’t this a great little idea? Taking a look at solar designs cue from nature.

Electree+, solar charger, solar power, bonsai tree, Kickstarter

Flower inspired solar

Flower inspired solar

Small versatile touchscreens

Could fungi in horse manure be the next breakthrough in biofuel production? Read more.here.


2 thoughts on “Emerging Technologies

  1. One day I want those in my “flower garden”.


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