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The more things stay the same

  Hello everyone, It’s been quite some time since my last post so here is a little update. The job is going well as management has found out my ability to adapt to different departments is only eclipsed by my knack for customer service. With every day I try to ensure something new is learned about not only product placement, but also specifications. Currently in the Electrical department I feel at home learning how the items placed on the shelf for the public can have an effect on choices made in power consumption and how to cut back on the same.

   My dream is the same, to bring to the public knowledge of the options available to them to reduce their power consumption while enjoying the latest technologies. The notion that this can go hand in hand with an organic lifestyle may give a technorganic feel, but I do believe that nature and technology can exist in a copacetic relationship. As new items present themselves to me across our shelves, research in how they compare to other available items will be made and put forth to you so you can make your own decisions. For is it not the true teacher that presents all the facts without bias allowing the one learning to choose that which they wish to pursue?

   I look forward to future postings, as well as comments from each and everyone of you as to your comments, questions, and criticisms.

Here are a few images that have caught my eye recently:

From CleanTechnica, V3Solar Spin Cells

From ElectronicDesign, organic photocells

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Mud oven building tutorial

Ever consider how to build a mud oven for off grid cooking? Check out the how to over at Backdoor Survival.

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Garden borders


There are alternate materials other than plastic which can be used to set up borders for garden plots or flower beds. Being an edible landscape believer myself flowers I put in first are looked at for medicinal uses and lastly as a draw for pollinaters. I went with glass bottles for borders on this small plot. Its four feet deep, seventeen and a half feet wide. Sixteen bottles covered the run on the depth (sides). I had the dirt worked four inches deep and most the bottles were easily pushed in and leveled by hand. For those which encountered more resistance I used a regular claw hammer and a small piece of scrap wood and drove them level.


I didn’t take a picture, but I used two posts (any old sticks will do) equidistant from the ends of the porch and drew a twine line to basically keep the front straight. After the bottles had been placed I came back with extra soil and put this outside and inside of the border. I then used my spade handle to pack the soil decently. I completed the project by watering the plot for the day, making sure to put a good amount around the border to help the new soil compact.


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Solar shingles

image Find out more over at Gizmodo

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Integrating clean energy

BIPV, what the solar industry calls this technology “building-integrated photovoltaics” is seen as to become a boom in the next 5 years.


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Contemplating home design

Check out this article at Tree Hugger on early 20th century home design compared to today’s.

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Storage beside Fridge



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Bathroom design


The design of this bathroom system really intrigues me. Now just have it collect grey water from the shower and sink to flush the toilet and you have a winner!

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Table design


Saw this and knew I just had to share!

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Home design, how has it historically changed?


Home design changes since the 1600s is a very nice article on a subject dwelling “no pun intended(well overmuch)” on my mind. How construction changes reduced the lifespan, and floor planning has changed the social fabric of families. I am interested in reading some of the works in the bibliography for a better understanding.

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