Carolina moon through the pines.


Swamp Fox Moon

Enough said

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Every day we wake, we make decisions that effect not only ourselves but others as well. The story of our lives truly is an epic one varying from simple solitary moments to ones of vast complications involving a multitude of others. Choose well and wisely.

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Great days


Morning has found us again, and is welcomed.  The passing of yesterday takes the burdens and negativies we carried with it. Focus on the positives and let that guide us to realizing our dreams.

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Solar shingles

image Find out more over at Gizmodo

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Interesting DIY Solar water heater
Solar Water Heater 001

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Dive in to cuteness!


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It matters if they actually care.


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A baby musk ox

A baby musk ox.

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Old stoves


Loving it.

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It shouldn’t be about counting the number of friends you have, but having friends you can count on.


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