Repurposed materials 

I’ve begun avoiding plastic packaged materials for more reasons than one. One must look beyond what is presented in the now and have the vision to prepare for the future.

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Which truth?

There are many truths in this life. Their side, our side, and then there is reality. Philosophy dictates no matter what shall be done in the dark the light shall bring it forth to be known. Eternal some truths are supposedly yet still internal struggles rear themselves giving rise to struggle and conflict. Recognizing our true desires, moving forward on them, being true to ourselves is the only way to vanquish those inner demons.

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Strength is..?

A struggle that is faced at first second by second, moment by moment. This in turn allows that which would break us enter our thoughts less frequently. Seconds become hours, days become months and by searching within focus returns allowing peace. The discordant memories no longer cut as deeply, emotional and psychological buffers allowing separation from painful events. Strength is allowing yourself the chance to heal.

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We all start out with the best of them hopefully. The idea that the course set upon will bring about the most positive results for those involved. Such notions often become wistfully unobtainable once to many variables are introduced. Streamline as to realize that which TRULY matters and all else falls into place. Look not back at that left on the wayside as change gives focus and clarification.

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Seeing the past 

When that which most utterly can destroy you is the self same which makes you feel most a live. To turn away is to realize to do so keeps you breathing air that never truly ignites within your chest. That hunger shall never be quenched so as time passes the appetite fades to the point surrender is given and life becomes nothing but a series of connected moments.

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Scars are reminders

Time does heal, but not fully. There should be no shame in the scars we carry for carry them we do. Their weight serve as reminders of painful events in our lives that had the opportunity to make us less but only served as a platform to go forward.

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Georgia days

The days down south have stayed hot and humid with ninety percent being the norm. We are having hit and miss showers during the week. My thoughts are with the Gulf coast with the torrential downpour and flooding they are experiencing.

Updates on the pepper plants to follow.

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Mud oven building tutorial

Ever consider how to build a mud oven for off grid cooking? Check out the how to over at Backdoor Survival.

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Gorgeous day & firewood info

   The first day of the time change finds it full of sunshine, light breezes and the temperature to be in the mid to upper 60’s. The dogwoods have been blooming for almost two weeks and the Bradford pears are now joining along.
   I’ve spent a few hours cutting limbs with a saw by hand. Ranging in thickness from 1.5″-5″ I am cutting them to a length roughly 14″ so they will fit into the chimera. To expedite things this week I dug a 6′ wide 2 shovel head deep pit in the back yard, banking the sides with the dirt I dug out. I use it to burn off the smaller branches to get down to the larger ones. I must say the design works well as later that day as I was burning things off the wind started gusting to 15mph. With shovel in hand and water hose nearby I gave vigilant watch and saw how while the wind would whip some of the ashes around, they would swirl within the embankment and fall back in.
   Thinking about all of this lead me to thinking about firewood. How its measured, the different types etc. The article here- http://www.consumerenergycenter.org9/home/heating_cooling/firewood.html gives some of the information you may want consider in those regards.
   Time to grab some lunch and then back to cutting. Hoping that the article is helpful, and that you all have a great day.

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Greek marinated skewers


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