Seeing the past 

When that which most utterly can destroy you is the self same which makes you feel most a live. To turn away is to realize to do so keeps you breathing air that never truly ignites within your chest. That hunger shall never be quenched so as time passes the appetite fades to the point surrender is given and life becomes nothing but a series of connected moments.

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Scars are reminders

Time does heal, but not fully. There should be no shame in the scars we carry for carry them we do. Their weight serve as reminders of painful events in our lives that had the opportunity to make us less but only served as a platform to go forward.

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Georgia days

The days down south have stayed hot and humid with ninety percent being the norm. We are having hit and miss showers during the week. My thoughts are with the Gulf coast with the torrential downpour and flooding they are experiencing.

Updates on the pepper plants to follow.

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  1. IMG_20160523_073518Anyone else get a great feeling when they see these?

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An early morning outting.

   This morning I decided to change up my day off routine. Typically my morning would start off with a quick dash around farcebook then a few rounds of online gaming while perhaps doing a load of laundry. Thrilling isn’t it? Nope, today would be different!
   I did a few reposts (sorry that mobile app doesn’t allow shares to the community page yet) then jumped into the truck to grab breakfast. I neither sat and ate at the restaurant nor did I bring it back to the house, instead choosing to engage in a bit of people watching in a relaxed environment. There is a small park nearby so I pulled into a parking space facing the pond there.
   The pond has a paved path surrounding it and was being put to use by both walkers and runners this morning. You could see vehicles of all sorts wheeling in, their passengers donning their warm up gear preparing for the morning’s exertions. The majority of arrivals were women in running bras and shorts, shades on chatting with one another as though this were established routine. A young couple dashing to grab a fiberglass-hulled, wood-framed boat to put on the water.
   Most interesting in all of this was the events developing a few parking spaces away. A bald tattooed man who I would venture to guess to be in his late twenties stood holding a round shield and sword as if posing for a photo. He wore a scabbard upon his black clothing, right shirt sleeve opened at the shoulder to show one of his tattoos. A large earring glittered in the sun as it’s light shine through the swaying breeze dancing leaves of the trees lining the parking area. A conversation could be overheard between him and his similarly attired companion that gave way their intentions. Discussion ensued upon how fight scenes should not be comprised only mostly grappling. “Ah-ha”, I say to myself realizing role-playing was afoot.
   My breakfast being done I started my engine and began to depart. There was just one little thing that needed to be done before I left… ” Excuse me,” I called out to the gentleman preparing for their scene. “You might consider adding this to your arsenal, it matches with the theme quite well.”


“A little leather around the handle to hide the plastic makes this affordable tool a great addition.” I told them where it could be found and for how much to which they expressed their thanks and we parted ways.
   A little change can bring a lot to a day ey?

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Taking care of business

Hello again my friends, thank you for taking the time out of your day to drop by. Life can find us scrambling to get it together no matter how well we plan ahead. If you should care to listen I will fill you in.

Other than serving as a troubleshooter by being directed to complete tasks others didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t do by management and being rewarded by comments alone; filling in for people in departments where no one else was available with lift equipment certification/experience; work life continues to be the same. After an interlude of being without transportation, that issue is currently resolved.

I have been giving a lot of thought on just what is needed to live a renewable sustainable lifestyle and realize there is no simple plan as we all have different family sizes and requirements. Expect several variants to be presented soon.

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Container gardening


There are times when you find yourself in a position where getting in the dirt to grow your own healthy foods isn’t feasible. You may not have permission to alter the landscape or just not have the space. Relax~! All it takes is a bit of knowledge and planning to get your green on!
It would seem obvious the first step is to make a list of just what fresh and tastey items you would like to have available. The research then starts to find out proper growing conditions. Sunlight, temperature, soil pH, room required for the roots and plant proper well  to spread freely, maintaining nutrient and moisture levels are all variables which must be taken into consideration.

There are many great ideas when it comes to the type of container to use once you have done your research on what conditions are best for your new greenery. It only takes some imagination.

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Hello fellow greeners, it indeed has been quit some time since my last blog and I appreciate those who have remained followers. Suffice it to say much has happened in the time I was silent, I felt the need to allow events to unfold to their conclusion. There were bad moments indeed that only required patience to allow the good ones prevail. Karma is the existential reminder as to why we choose to feed the light wolf instead of the dark.

Today finds me employed with a major retail chain that specializes in home improvement. I have been with the company over two years now being scheduled to cover (in the order of occurrence) flooring, blinds and decor, electrical, kitchen and bath, plumbing, appliances on a regular basis. The company has also seen the need to place me in hardware and lumber on rare occasions. Volunteering to work overnights to assist in resolving freight bottlenecks weeks at a time helped my knowledge of logistics develop.

I feel privileged to be given the opportunity to expand my understanding. Seeing this as paid progress towards sustainable living. The public en masse grabs off the shelf, having information on the efficiency of available items helps to bring change.

We can find ourselves changing the world as our effect is brought upon those that cross our paths.

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It’s alive~!!

Started the official home website today. New challenges await!

Swamp Fox Green

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Biomass energy conversion

   Looking over several articles such as Biomass for electricity, and reviewing video I am confounded by the lack of material on #multifuelheaterelectricalgenerators . Surely an efficient design for a heater that allows the use of multiple fuels while generating at least a nominal amount of power generation.

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