Hello fellow greeners, it indeed has been quit some time since my last blog and I appreciate those who have remained followers. Suffice it to say much has happened in the time I was silent, I felt the need to allow events to unfold to their conclusion. There were bad moments indeed that only required patience to allow the good ones prevail. Karma is the existential reminder as to why we choose to feed the light wolf instead of the dark.

Today finds me employed with a major retail chain that specializes in home improvement. I have been with the company over two years now being scheduled to cover (in the order of occurrence) flooring, blinds and decor, electrical, kitchen and bath, plumbing, appliances on a regular basis. The company has also seen the need to place me in hardware and lumber on rare occasions. Volunteering to work overnights to assist in resolving freight bottlenecks weeks at a time helped my knowledge of logistics develop.

I feel privileged to be given the opportunity to expand my understanding. Seeing this as paid progress towards sustainable living. The public en masse grabs off the shelf, having information on the efficiency of available items helps to bring change.

We can find ourselves changing the world as our effect is brought upon those that cross our paths.

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