Friday night, back into the fray!

Perhaps not the sort of fray you may imagine actually.
   The crashing of my laptop had put a serious cramp in my ambition when it came to furthering my research and delving into matters I feel necessary to have the knowledge required to put together a comprehensive, sustainable and frugal system which allows the everyday person to install into their homes and enjoy renewable energy for much less than twenty thousand dollars and up. Yet today I find that bug no longer nibbling at the fringes, but metamorphosed into a ravenous great white enshrouded within a blood frenzy.
   I decided to no longer rely on a single storage medium as the laptop contains gigs of information currently unavailable. Along with those tables, pictures scanned, downloaded, drawn by myself either on the computer or by hand then transferred, literally hundreds of dollars worth of software such as CAD (3 different programs), video capture & editing (in hopes of podcasts)… you begin to understand how the funk can settle in. A portable SSD drive will be my storage device for the moment, allowing me to access the information at whatever computer I plug into. I see in the future multiple redundant drive storage so a desktop will be my desired direction of pursuit as a laptop would require every available port to be connected to yet another drive. Yet this is about that which was and a means to get to what is wanted to be so back to that which is.
   I gathered several resources today from the local library, use them as you can further yourself and go back to cross reference. Today’s picks were:
1) Electronics Engineer’s Handbook ; McGraw-Hill 1982, 2) Stanley’s (the tool company) Basic Wiring Meredith Publishing 2002, 3) Wiring Simplified, 42nd Edition Park Publishing 2008 4) Teach Yourself Electricity & Electronics, Third Edition, McGraw-Hill 2002 5) Engineering, A Beginner’s Guide, Oneworld Press 2009 6) Renewable Energy for Your Home, Ulysses Publishing. 2009. To go along with these I have a 2011 UGLY’s reference guide recently purchased.
By putting our minds together, searching for solutions to the problems we all face we can achieve so much. The contributions made by anyone, no matter how small they feel it may be could be that last tidbit which shifts all the pieces together. I hope we all enjoy the journey!

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