Days of Silence – 06/14/13


Its 0800 and I’ve been up since 0630. So far this morning I cut grass until gas was gone (half of front yard), and have watered everything.
I’m glad the predicted 70mph winds didn’t come through last night & that highs are forecast to be around 82 today. A very welcome break in the weather as the heat index had us in the triple digits the last few days.
I once heard a fellow say it seemed as though the places on earth that are the most beautiful experience the most severe weather patterns. This came to mind thinking about summer in the southeast. When the sun breaks through the pines and we have moderate temperatures with a light breeze and you are listening to nature exalt in it’s glory? These are a few things that remind you of what holds you into a simple country kind of life.
There are many modern technologies which can be incorporated into this lifestyle which allow us to place a smaller footprint upon this world than our ancestors ever could. The flip side of that coin is there are many lessons their legacy has bestowed upon us we would certainly be foolish to forget or ignore.

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