Days of Silence – 06/12/13

My memories today are on opportunity and chance. Bare with me, it is all connected.
First,  today is my only sibling’s birthday and I wish her a great one.
Secondly I read a quote recently from an Iraqi war veteran who was dealing with survivor’s guilt. His internal struggle with suicidal thoughts brought him to gather the strength whereby he decided he owed those in his squad, family, friends that were no longer here to live the life they didn’t get to live. How powerful an idea this is once you allow it to resonate through one’s self. Naturally I am not suggesting to live the lives of others doing things which would not give each a sense of fulfillment. Instead, think of shared aspirations, those others have wished for us as well for themselves.
I say these things as I have found that accomplishments done for me and me alone are fleeting in satisfying the depth of desire to evolve as a pure soul. Goals achieved which allow broader betterment among those of meaning reward with a feeling akin to having a cool spring flow gently over the soul, washing away the fever of frustration.

My dad was a tool and die maker by trade. Despite his involvement with such a highly technical vocation when he came home he wanted to be as close to nature as he could. Chickens, geese, horses, dogs, cats, gardening, books on DIY projects were all part of his later years. Most of the DIY projects dealt with showing techniques on non-electrical methods used by early settlers as they expanded across North America. I certainly would enjoy having such a wealth of knowledge available.
Today I find myself attempting to live a life that is a blend of the ways my Dad employed and technology of today while leaving it flexible for those of tomorrow. Where Dad had a better way of funding his projects, my aim is to simplify and trim so even those on fixed incomes can recognize savings and a better quality of life.

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