Days of Silence – 06/07/13

Having risen from bed at 4:30 AM Thursday morning, 2:30 AM found me finally laying down after bucket after bucket of water being moved from my 35 gallon catch can into my 300 gallon holding tank. The tank wasn’t full but the rain had slackened to where it would be another 30 minutes or so before it would fill the collection can. I now have filled it to capacity. Sidebar; after finding the valve leaking and then to be dry rotted, shattering in my hands during initial fill study, I have since added a spare hose, clamping a spigot connected to a 90° elbow allowing flow control. While no real pressure is available placing waterhose at ground level allows for hands-free garden watering. I have notions of pressurizing either the tank or introducing air further in waterline to make the system versatile.
The addition of two inch PVC overflow pipes to my 55 gallon drums showed promise. While the volume of direct  input was low it allowed me to see it does allow for introduction of water into one barrel and the rest will fill. This morning’s observations revealed more caulking is required for full storage capacity but as is they are allowing for 135-145 gallons of capacity. I can deal with that short term and will resolve this once the water levels out below the leak point.

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