Days of Silence – 05/31/13

A beautiful Friday morning after a fitful night’s sleep. The early morning garden check revealed a visitor.


The little cotton tail seemingly favors the base of the weeds I had hoed down the other day. As long as the garden items aren’t on it’s menu we will continue enjoying each other’s company.
I have been able to find and plant three of the plum trees I had been craving. Growing up we called them “hog-nosed” plums. They are small, typically three centimeters and red or yellow when ripe. They are approximately two feet tall each. Two pear tree cuttings are now set in containers with root toner applied in hopes they will take and grow into gorgeous bountiful trees. These are currently eight inches tall. It will be years before substantial amounts will be produced but who wouldn’t be looking forward to such rewards?
Gardening is proving to be a rewarding experience with its own learning curve. Some plants are ready to be transplanted when the labels suggest (usually 2-3 inches) when started in the suggested container size. Others need to be moved much sooner. Case in point: white Peruvian habeneros. – I had started four seeds in a three gallon pot. I decided to move them once the plants reached three and a half inches high. The root systems on these were amazing! Six inches deep and spreading at least for inches wide! I ended up losing some of the root structure due to entanglement. They have been moved for four days now and are appearing still healthy and robust.

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