Days of Silence: 05/23/13

Sunny morning after what felt like a decent night’s sleep. Forecast high of 82°. I’m waiting for the dew to burn off so grass cutting can begin.

Going over plot one yesterday I saw one of the sunflower plants was laying down. Closer inspection found the base was teeming with ants. Following organic practice I am attempting to dissuade them by flooding around the base with water. I will continue giving this plant close scrutiny.

I am thinking about more water containers considering the past years of rainfall history. To have the capacity of at least two months of average household usage is my goal. This takes into account a lack of rainfall for that amount of time that would prevent replenishing my supply and allow both home and gardening usage.

1709: Cut grass in front yard, put chicken coop yard wire up. It covers more area than I envisioned, that pleases me. I had just finished watering the plots when rain began falling. Thirty gallons of water put out and I feel it will be replaced. I am contemplating planting what I consider “blade” crops in the backyard section that is growing sparsely. Oats, millet, and wheat are foremost options as these can be crimped or given whole to both chickens and parakeets.

I’m seeing mist rising from the blacktop being carried lazily along by a soft breeze.

Patience is a virtue instilled upon you when you grow your own food. There are times when the old habits of thinking “I’ll just go to the cabinet and grab something I put there from the store.” I have to admit that should I get to the place where I can have a pantry stocked with vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices I have grown myself.

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