Days of Silence: 05/22/13

0800: Taking time to soak in some early morning sun to balance out the gardeners tan I have developed. I can hear central units kicking in already this morning. Not even 75° here outside.

Taking a walk break this morning. Wore my tennis shoes during both walks yesterday and the section of my feet between the ball and base of the toes felt just short of blistering. They are still feeling tender so I’m going barefoot for now. A heel striker and walking slightly pigeon toed on my walks I consciously try to improve my gait by landing on the balls of my feet keeping them pointed as straight forward as possible. It was suggested while I was a child that I be placed in leg braces to realign the way my legs were developing but my parents chose to forego this. I believe the combination of financial restrictions and the stigma of the torment from my peers and theirs that were the deciding factors.

I want to find out the order the maths; geometry, trigonometry, algebra, and calculus, are taught.

1320: Nice rain coming down at the moment. I was contemplating cutting grass but nature spoke up against it. The birds outside have been busy searching for protein for fledglings. There is the habitual mockingbird nesting in my jasmine. The cock and hen are constantly flying back and forth with food visible in their beaks.

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