Morning musings

In bed around midnight, up by 0530. It seems my subconscious took my last thoughts of wanting to get things accomplished today very seriously. The skies are overcast with forecasts putting chance of rain off until this evening. This should give the light dew time to dry as my predawn walk through of my plots barely left my shoes damp. I would like to get some grass cut before the next set of fronts roll in and I have to adjust the mower cut height. I go by the adage you should never cut grass by more than half it’s height.

The walk through found most of the planted Rainbow Glass Gem corn sprouted and practically over half an inch tall. Not bad at all considering there were no signs at 7:00 yesterday evening. My biggest stumbling block sprouting seems to be peppers. My Peruvian White Habaneroes have to date been the only ones to emerge. Still, they reached half an inch then stopped growing. They alive with no discoloration but fail to enlarge. Bolivian Rainbow, Cayanne, mixed mini Bell, and Ornamental peppers are my other varieties which seem reluctant to start all of which have been seeded in same soil mix as the habaneroes as well as tomatoes so I don’t believe it to be an issue with an imbalance of nutrients or pH. Yet then again experience will prove to be the best educator.

There are always things we choose to give up or do without when a path is decided upon. Roots and foundations are the based neccesities for anything to be strong and remain healthy, such is the most compelling reason I embarked on this path. Independance from corporations which view souls as mere coffer contributors have become the mainstay and we as a people gave way to them in the name of progress and supposedly easement of burdens. Seems to me that to this day there remains only a select few that enjoy that promise still, and the only real change has been the base of workforce amd consumers used for profit generation.

Merely mornings musings over coffee, what do I know?

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