2013 Gardening – Plot Four

I had all intentions of starting this plot and knew it would be a booger once I did.


Plot 4 Start

I marked off ten by twelve feet for this plot. The main type of grass through my yards is centipede and if you aren’t familiar with it the root system is extensive once it has had a decade to establish itself. I chose to tackle removal with the trusted hoe you see propped up there.  The picture above was taken two hours into the task.


Combined with the tasks of grass and root removal was the issue of levelness. I went by sight and used a garden rake to come as close to level doing so after hoeing as much out as possible.  High side ended up being dropped three inches. The shot above is five hours of removal and leveling.


I started this morning around seven, first picture was at nine, second at twelve and the one above six this evening. I planted the eighteen Rainbow Glass Gem corn kernels I set in wet paper towels and placed inside a Ziploc bag Wednesday to have sprouted for planting. I decided to go companion planting in a square foot method.
I varied straight and crook neck squash, peas, beans, eggplant, watermelon in this section and have my fingers crossed.
Tomorrow I’ll jump back into this plot again looking to finish out my RGG corn then on the opposite side begin with sweet corn. I have plenty of bean, squash, watermelon and eggplant seed remaining so it may be another full day. The thoughts of how rewarding all this labor can be already has my mouth watering and everything going well promises to be more than enough to fill my cupboard.

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