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Swamp Fox Green - Rhett Butler

I thought I’d provide a little insight to the man and mind behind Swamp Fox Green to everyone. My name is in all reality Rhett Butler and yes I have heard every Gone With the Wind reference imaginable in my 45+ years. I live alone out in a peaceful rural community and have had several varied occupations. I joined the National Guard as a medical laboratory technician when I was 17 and was the youngest person in basic training at Fort Dix New Jersey while doing so between my junior and senior years of high school. I served an extended period of active duty as Desert Storm put a freeze on discharges. I left my term of duty with an honorable discharge.
I have done almost everything for building homes from pulling the concrete for foundations to laying shingles, running the wiring and even laying hardwood floors. Automechanics?  Check.
My last vocation was as a facility manager for a country grain elevator where I developed digital accounting practices that saved dozens of man hours by moving from paperwork done by hand and adding machine to being keyed in and processed by computer. That location was sold and due to restructuring I was let go in 2012.
Since then I have researched green energies, sustainable lifestyles, edible landscaping,  among my other areas of interest such as quantum mechanics and string theory (which I will try to avoid posting on in this blog).
I feel that this blog represents my passions towards understanding that as individuals we need not be merely a cog in an economic and industrial driven machine. Instead as living breathing organisms that seek out a symbiotic relationship with our environment and other souls. The realization that the change must come from within me, see that which I truly can be capable of, then simply sharing my experiences is actually enough to truly have a satisfying life is rewarding enough.
I do find inspiration from like minded peoples and share their thoughts here as well. We need not agree on where to place every footfall, it matters that we all are heading down the same path. Isn’t it better if we leave behind us a better place than what had lain before us?
That’s a rough me in a nutshell as one post is certainly not enough space nor time for all aspects or details. I look forward with sharing more of this journey with whomsoever would like to view it. Peace and fruitful endeavors until next time; Swamp Fox Green

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