Garden borders


There are alternate materials other than plastic which can be used to set up borders for garden plots or flower beds. Being an edible landscape believer myself flowers I put in first are looked at for medicinal uses and lastly as a draw for pollinaters. I went with glass bottles for borders on this small plot. Its four feet deep, seventeen and a half feet wide. Sixteen bottles covered the run on the depth (sides). I had the dirt worked four inches deep and most the bottles were easily pushed in and leveled by hand. For those which encountered more resistance I used a regular claw hammer and a small piece of scrap wood and drove them level.


I didn’t take a picture, but I used two posts (any old sticks will do) equidistant from the ends of the porch and drew a twine line to basically keep the front straight. After the bottles had been placed I came back with extra soil and put this outside and inside of the border. I then used my spade handle to pack the soil decently. I completed the project by watering the plot for the day, making sure to put a good amount around the border to help the new soil compact.


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  1. A legitimate reason to drink beer, thank you sir.


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