Remember the days people actually spoke to one another, told each other the little things that happened through the day that moved them somehow? It seemingly has come to the point that we have lost the ability to self reflect and merely reacting to a barrage of captioned photos that quote old sayings some of us carry in our minds anyway. The greatest innovations of mankind were given to us by minds that both gazed out into creation with awe and wonder, but also looked as deeply into themselves to discover how what lies without and within are interconnected. I have chosen to in place of being witness to snippets of regurgitated phrases to look back over that which I as well been guilty of doing, reflect upon what if any real change they brought to myself. I think only then will I be able to put forth the substance which is truly myself. I hold preference to being known and remembered for this rather than an image or even worse, merely a reflection upon the choppy sea of memory. I hope this will allow me to provide a richer and deeper understanding of how I see my relation with creation.

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