Edible landscaping

With most of the pictures I’ve come across, kale seems to be a very popular choice to utilize as it comes in a multitude of varieties to offer splashes of color and shapes.

You can even go with a raised bed if that is more your style.

With some effort, not only can you have your yard look stunning, but you can also grow food, not a lawn.

Another thing to consider is companion planting, to make the most use of the space available and help boost your production in a natural way.https://i2.wp.com/www.permaculturenews.org/images/companion_planting_guide.jpg

Don’t forget, even if you are renting and the landlord doesn’t want you replacing the grass with healthy food for you and your family you still have the option of going with container gardening.

I hope this post gets your mind ready for all kinds of ideas and notions on just what is possible once you decide to make it happen when it comes to growing your own fresh foods. So do a little research into the vegetables, fruits, and herbs/spices you and your family like the most and would benefit from having them readily available, fresh and healthy! After being able to enjoy something fresh, mass produced goods pale by far. Enjoy!

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