Return to the season.

It was a wonderful couple of weeks here in Swampfox country with daytime temperatures reaching the upper 70°s and lows only in the mid 50°s for us. Forecasts put lows in the 30° range at night for the next week so winter has come back to remind us of the proper season. With the temperature change the front brought in rain as well, slowing any proper yard work. Wind and cold temperature will pull out the moisture though and wood cutting can be started again.


Until then attention turns toward interior household chores. The old cleanup return, sweep, mop, wash, rinse, dust, repeating as necessary *chuckles to self*. Water, vinegar, and bleach for that extra bitting power to make sure no surface harbors microbes. Many cleaners try to harp about destroying the flu virus but a decently strong water bleach and water will do that job just fine. The rupture of the viruses cell wall will occur and job done. The flu virus can linger 4-5 hours on surfaces so when you head somewhere plenty of people are remember to wipe down shopping cart & basket handles. Afterwards wash your hands for at least 10 seconds, before handling anything you intend on ingesting or before touching your face. Find a good hand sanitizer you are comfortable with to use when out and about. These simple things go a long way in avoiding the majority of bugs that can bring us down.

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