2013’s first Friday

   After a week of overcast days finally a forecast of a sunny day. For me this means a day of collecting via solar array. Its not that big of one, only 30 Watts but my electrical demands aren’t much. Other than occasionally recharging the laptop everything else I use runs from batteries charged by this system. Gas heats my water and cooks my food but eventually want to have one of the old stoves I come across and post pictures of here occasionally.
   The sun also recharges the spirit, soaking through the eyes into the mind and through the skin to the bones. The days are now slowly becoming longer, pushing the uncertainty of lingering ghosts hidden in the darkness to fewer and fewer nooks and crannies. Minds and thoughts are turned inward, reflecting the cold desolate environment. Heads begin to be turned skyward away from the sleeping soil as more activity and warmer air give cause to turn our minds outward.
   We should take at least a few minutes every day to reconnect with the world we were born into. Many are surrounded by concrete, glass, and steel… I do not envy those souls. Country life does mean more types of wildlife surrounds one, not just the insects, and they too were born into this world to do what they were meant to do.
   The human mind can be it’s own worst enemy, twisting and looping back over decisions past, present, and future. Combine this with the turbulence of emotions it is no wonder some are mired in inactivity. Take the time to just BE by finding a calm quiet place within yourself, clear your mind for a minimum of five minutes, the difference in how you see what actually matters afterwards may amaze you.

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One thought on “2013’s first Friday

  1. Kim

    hey have you thought about the rocket stoves? They look pretty interesting to me…. but wonder how much heat would that really distribute? … talk to you soon 🙂


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