Renewed Journey

I breathe in, then let go of the tension. It doesn’t all release at once, instead unraveling like so many twisted and knotted cords. No anger, no pain, no remorse. The absence of so much raw bundled negative emotional energy allows the return of clarity. I  will be fine, I will carry on. Certainly not down the path once envisioned, but perhaps that was the base fallicy from the start. Life is a journey, not a destination. Such being the case let it be about enjoying the good that we encounter and let their memories be the only thing we carry with us. Honesty is the trait of a good soul, hiding the truth is the same as presenting a lie. Let our touches be filled with kindness, never with rash unthinking and uncaring anger. Find the strength to forgive not only others but most importantly ourselves. Allow joy, laughter, and smiles to come from the heart.  These are the base necessities required to make it through this journey we call life.

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