Social media evolution

I was thinking over my initial conception of Swampfox Green, the format of its beginnings as a community page on Facebook and Twitter and what I have already posted here on the WordPress blog. I was struck as to the difference in expectations between the audience of a blog and other social media. Both of these formats have their pros and cons allowing for different types of expression. Yet we must not lose sight of the fact that so many things we wish to express are very often lost in the translation of the written word to the human mind and heart. The failure to provide adequate descriptions by using snippets to express our thoughts can easily give rise to unintended slights from not being adequately understood. Barring the inclusion of the cynic and satirist through their implication of duality in their words, the greatest writers are those who are able to give without a doubt the emotional overlay of that which they intend to convey to their readers. Words when spoken are easily understood to have a smile, sneer, or menacing grin present on the speakers face. Tears moistening the eyes or falling freely convey the deep emotional impact of the events or thoughts present in the subject of our interest. Stirring our hearts and bringing our blood to a boil over those that would inflect such trauma. It is the presence of dimples, the crinkling of the brow and the sparkling laughter from the eyes, providing the feeling of radiating heartfelt laughter seeping into us and carrying us along.

The former are platforms to express one-liners; quick, neat, to the point, then moving away to the next bit of information in this seemingly ever hastening life. Most that utilize these platforms do so as a brief reprise from their day and momentary updates on the life of those on their lists. Pictures and thoughts slapped haphazardly on their walls like color samples or the posters in a teenager’s bedroom. No real reason given for them being there other than, “I like it”. The expression of a quick piece of humor can be enough to positively change someone’s outlook, the posting of a video from YouTube to give a snippet of the soundtrack that is playing in our head as we move through the day wished to be shared with others.

            The latter has differences not quite so subtle. A deeper connection is desired by the reader to the author and the subject matter. There is a desire to be stimulated on a profounder level by the reader whether it is emotionally or intellectually. A picture posted is expected by those that see it is to have the reason it speaks to you to be given. What about this image causes it to reach out to you? Does it cause a stirring inside of yearning or provide a sense of warm joy? Do you know the people in this image, as an acquaintance, friend, family, or lover? The object in the image, do you have personal experience with it through research, actual production, or purchase of it? There has to be a reason as to why you, as the author, have a connection with this thing you have placed before the rest of humanity. You have brought it to the attention of everyone so what exactly is it that gripped you strongly enough to do so?

            There is a saying which goes “A place for everything and everything in its place” which I hope to follow as I begin to move forward on my journey in the blogosphere and put into practice the realization of the differences that have been stated in the previous paragraphs. We shall always have moments which we find ourselves desiring different wants and needs regarding the depth of connectivity to a thought or emotion. I would like to think there are things in this world I know more about than the average person with the realization there are so many things I have yet to learn. You are invited to journey along with me as I delve into these matters of sustainable green living.

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